xperiential media

xperiential media

Robert & Edrex

We are new media artists that collaborate on a series of video art sculpture that explore materiality and continuity. We describe our approach as perceptual experiments at the intersection of digital video projection and sculptural surface. Referred to as "mutable sculpture," a defining characteristic of our work is the ability of architecture and sculptural objects to adopt the characteristics of virtual objects, through the layering of virtual and physical space. Through the presentation of the falsely real, we explore the various unstable ontological states between video, sculpture, and installation. Informed by our research interests in psychology and cognitive science, we employ technology to augment and to fracture perception, and towards the manifestation of unique, experiential moments.

Previous Exhibitions


LIC Arts Open, Reis Studios, Queens, NY



TechFest, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India



Pixilerations v.5, Providence, RI

SIGGRAPH 2008, Slow Art Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA



Pixilerations v.4, Providence, RI

Inicio, Ybox Cigar Theatre, YBor City, FL

Baker Arts Center, Liberal, KS



Calladan Gallery, Beverly, MA
International Computer Music Conference, New Orleans, LA

Pixilerations v.3, Providence, RI

underCURRENT/overVIEW, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL

University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

10th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Tech, Connecticut College, New London, CT



Pixilerations v.2, Providence, RI

Robert Goldschmidt


Edrex Fontanilla